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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Conversions For Overlanding, Camping, Off-Road, Sport, Gear Hauling, And More!

Based In Southern California

From Humble Beginnings to the Evolution of our Brand Specializing in Custom Sprinter Buildouts and Conversions

From Humble Beginnings to the Evolution of our Brand Specializing in Custom Sprinter Buildouts and Conversions

Exclusive Outfitters: From Humble Beginnings to the Evolution of our Brand

Specializing in Custom Sprinter Buildouts and Conversions

Based in Southern California

Outfitted for adventure, we customize Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans for overlanding, camping, sport, gear hauling, or whatever you choose.  


Exploring the outdoors has always been a worthy passion for us. We hike, we camp, we surf, we bike, and we climb mountains. We breathe adventure. Getting outside and following close to Nature’s heart makes us come alive.  This is what keeps us human.


In 2008, we converted our first Sprinter van. It was a 144” WB and had a bed, storage compartments, swivel captains’ chairs, and enough room for us and our dogs to comfortably travel, camp, reset, and get in tune with the environment.  This van took us on so many adventures! And, as it often turns out when we tap into our passion, ideas and inspiration develop.  We want to love what we do.


It just so happened that we were already well established in the automobile industry.  In short, our team has a combined 40+ year history in all facets of the auto industry: from mechanics to service, to sales, and to banking and finance.  And this is not just our livelihood, but another passion for us as well.  And so we figured, why not develop a division within the Exclusive family where we specialize in custom Sprinter adventure van builds and sales? We certainly had the experience, tools, and network already in place.  And with that, Exclusive Outfitters was born and the rest is history.


Over the years, we have built a loyal clientele who is as discerning as we are. In fact, they continue to come back to us and send us referrals. Certainly, we take great pride in our business and our source of revenue depends on establishing and preserving stellar relationships with our customers. Our formula is simple: We listen to what customers want and do our very best to understand and fulfill their specific requirements for a custom adventure van buildout.  Our aim is to be worthy of their and your business and we strive to form and nurture long lasting relationships with our clients.  Most of all, we want you to GET OUT AND LIVE!

Ultimately, it’s not just a van. It’s an adventure!


Today, we are a Full Service Sprinter Upfitter/ Builder as well as a Dealership.  We take care of everything from keeping brand new Sprinter chassis in stock, acquiring a particular chassis from MBZ Sprinter dealers in our network, to handling the sale, financing, DMV, and the future service of your Exclusive Outfitters rig. We also install aftermarket mods including roof racks, suspensions, bumpers, etc. 


As of 2024, Exclusive Outfitters has over 250 builds out on the road. Our rigs are modern and functional with stellar attention to fit and finish. Our own custom made components are light weight and extremely durable.  We offer back to front sleeping areas (side to side as well), ample storage and garage space, and we can accommodate families of 2 to 5 or more in many cases.  What sets us apart is the “Open Feel” in our units, ample storage space and the multi-functionality that is the hallmark of our designs.


Thank you for visiting our site and for considering us for your Sprinter van conversion.  




John Mattarollo and the Exclusive Outfitters Team

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