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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Conversions For Overlanding, Camping, Off-Road, Sport, Gear Hauling, And More!

Based In Southern California


We are passionate about our rigs. With every Sprinter we build, our aim is to set into motion the spirit of
adventure and discovery. Exclusive Outfitters is inspired by you, our client, and by what you need in
your real life adventure. Our rigs are meticulously crafted, keenly designed, and perform in real world

Starting your build is easy. We offer 8 standard layouts as well as customization options. Because we
fabricate all of our interior components in house, modifications can be made to our cabinetry,
upholstery, seating, and storage features. Exterior mods are to your choosing and therefore distinct to
each build. Finally, we hand select and stock brand new Sprinter chassis in all colors so you can select your chassis on site and go straight into production from there.

Each one of our models offers a flexible layout with multiuse conversion features that will live up to your unique end use objectives.


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